M-14 project purpose image conveying conditions of the roadway, bridges, and trails

Project Overview
What work will be done on
on the M-14/I-96/I-275 Interchange?
Road reconstruction, including all ramps and at the I-275 interchange
Bridge Rehabilitation of 17 Structures
Drainage System Improvements
New Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Technology
Freeway Lighting Replacement
I-275 Metro Trail Improvement
EB and WB M-14/I-96 will be reconstructed between the project limits shown below as well as critical ramps at the M-14/I-96/I-275 Interchange. Hover over or click on the roadway segments to see map interactive features.
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Roadway Reconstruction
Reconstruction of M-14/I-96 Reconstruction of NB I-275 CD Roadway at M-14
Bridge Rehabilitation
1. M-14 over CSX RR 2. WB M-14 over Sheldon 3. EB M-14 over Sheldon 4. M-14 under Sheldon Entrance Ramp 5. M-14 under Sheldon Exit Ramp 6. M-14 under CSX RR 7. Metro Trail over Hines Drive 8. M-14 over Hines Drive 9. M-14 over Rouge River 10. M-14 under Northville 11. M-14 under Robinwood 12. M-14 under Schoolcraft 13. M-14 under N Haggerty 14. I-96 under Schoolcraft 15. I-96 under Newburgh Double U-Turns 16. I-96 under Newburgh 17. I-96 under Newburgh East U-Turn
Ramp Reconstruction
1. EB M-14 to SB I-275 2. EB M-14 to NB I-275 3. NB I-275 to EB I-96 4. SB I-275 to EB I-96 5. Newburgh Rd. to WB I-96 6. NB I-275 to WB M-14 7. EB M-14 to Sheldon Rd. 8. Sheldon Rd. to EB M-14 9. WB M-14 to SB I-275 10. SB I-275 to WB M-14 11. WB I-96 to NB I-275 12. WB M-14 to Sheldon Rd. 13. Sheldon Rd. to WB M-14 14. EB I-96 to Newburgh Rd.
Metro-Trail Work
Reconstruct I-275 Metro Trail- Hines Dr. to I-275